Salewa Mountain Trainer Lite Review: I’m sold

Salewa Mountain Trainer Light is an Italian hiking shoe designed for alpine adventures. Although this shoe looks great, it is difficult to determine if it is a hiking shoe or an approach shoe. Are the Mountain Trainer Lite hiking shoes lightweight? What size does it fit? What kind of hikers would like it? This review of the Salewa Mountain Trainer Lite hiking shoe gives you all the details to help you decide if it is right for your feet and will match your hikes.

I’m sold. You might be too if you want to conquer serious mountain trails with a tough hiking shoe made by one of the top Italian brands.

Salewa hiking boots & shoes

Salewa , one of many great footwear brands based out of the Alps or Italian Dolomites, is . These mountains are not for jokes. Salewas is also a fan. Salewa is a specialist in mountaineering and hardcore hiking boots that are suitable for serious mountain climbing. Salewa’s hiking and backpacking boots, including the Mountain Trainer Lite, include some approach shoe elements such as climbing laces or extra rubber in their toes for better grip on technical trails.

This brand is not recommended for casual hikers and light-weight hikers. Salewa is a great brand for backpackers and serious hikers who love rock climbing and mountain hiking. Salewa’s Mountain Trainer series is recommended for most hikers. The Mountain Trainers and Mountain Trainer Lites, which come in low-cut and mid-cut versions, are hiking boots and shoes that can be used for Alpine Trekking.

men’s Mountain Trainer 2 Low
women’s Mountain Trainer Lite Low
men’s Mountain Trainer 2 Mid
women’s Mountain Trainer Lite Mid

Salewa Mountain Trainer Lite Review

This review focuses on the men’s low-cut Mountain Trainer Lite GTX hiking shoe.

Salewa’s Mountain Trainer Lite GTX hiking shoe is the best. It’s lighter than the Mountain Trainer Lite GTX, but it is not a light hiking shoe. Mountain Trainer Lite is a sturdy hiking shoe that has some approach shoe elements. It’s ideal for those who enjoy rock scrambling or more technical trails.

For this review, I bought my first pair of Salewas in spring 2022. The Mountain Trainer Lite GTX is a low-cut, waterproof hiking shoe that I have been testing on Pennsylvania’s most beautiful trails. They were also worn for moderate-to-difficult day hikes in Acadia National Park, Maine. This Salewa Mountain Trainer Lite review focuses on the shoe’s support and weight, fit, comfort. Weather resistance. Traction.

reviewing Salewa Mountain Trainer Lite hiking shoes on Pennsylvania’s Mid-State Trail

Mountain Trainer Lite: Support

If you are looking for a comfortable hiking shoe, the Mountain Trainer light is a great option.

Salewa Mountain Trainer Lite GTX offers more support than any other hiking shoes I have owned. It has a supportive and stiff underfoot, with some flexibility in the forefoot. If you are looking for stability and support, this is the right build.

Walking at Shingletown Gap, Salewa Mountain Trainer Lights

A stiff nylon shank underneathfoot is responsible for a lot of the stability. This stiffness prevents your feet from flexing too much on uneven terrain, which keeps them fresher for longer hikes and harder ones. The shank adds torsional rigidity (resistance against side to side twisting), which can help prevent your ankles rolling on roots or rocks.

Mountain Trainer Lite provides ankle stability and protection with a stiff heel stabilizer. It also adds rubber toe caps to protect your toes. The sturdy outsoles of the shoe provide support for your ankle and feet. The uppers of the shoe are made from sturdy mesh and reinforced with TPU. This should help protect your feet against most trail hazards.

Although the Mountain Trainer Lite is a hiking shoe with a low cut, it can offer greater protection for your feet and ankles than mid-cut boots. Consider support a definite plus.

Mountain Trainer Lite: Weight

The name is not to be confused. Mountain Trainer Lite is not a lightweight hiking shoe. It is lighter than the Mountain Trainer Lite, which is a heavy-duty hiking shoe. It is still a good hiking shoe.

Two pounds and four ounces each for my men’s 13-size (larger than most people), weighs in at two pounds and four ounces. This is approximately 4 ounces more than my Salomon X Ultra 4 GTX hiking boots and 3.5 ounces less than my Oboz Sawtooth II hiking boots.

This is a great weight considering how much support you get. However, this is a good weight for hiking shoes today. The Mountain Trainer Lite is a lighter hiking shoe that I recommend.

Mountain Trainer Lite: Fit

Italian brands are small and narrow by American standards, especially in the toes. The Mountain Trainer Lite, however, is wider (according to Italian standards). This makes it a -friendly.

Mtn Trainer Lites are not as narrow as most Salewas

The shoe is also designed to be used as an approach shoe and has climbing laces that reach to your toes. These laces allow for some adjustment in fit. You can tighten the fit for narrower feet or better climbing performance by reducing the laces to the toes. Hikers with wider feet may adjust the laces to allow for more width.

These are some tips to help you get started:

  • For a standard hiking shoe, most hikers will need to go half-size up (unless they are looking for a tighter shoe for climbing and scrambling).
  • If you have wide feet, the Salewa Mountain Trainer Lite GTX may fit. Simply size up and loosen the laces. My average shoe size is US 11.5. Most brands recommend that I wear a 12 width shoe when hiking. I measured up to US 13 in Mountain Trainer Lite, and it was a good fit.

Mountain Trainer Lite: Comfort

Comfort is subjective.

This shoe is not comfortable if you are looking for a flexible, soft shoe that can be worn as a running shoe or casual sneaker. The Salewa Mountain trainer Lite is a more sturdy, supportive hiking shoe that gets great reviews.

It’s not just cushion that provides comfort. The midsole has moderate cushioning thanks to the EVA foam. The Mountain Trainer Lit is firmer than other hiking shoes. The Mountain Trainer Lit’s support and protection for hikers on more difficult, rugged hikes is what gives it its comfort.

Review of Mountain Trainer Lites during an Iron Rung hike in Acadia National Park

The Salewa Mountain Trainer Lite GTX is surprisingly comfortable. First, my wide feet had just enough space in the toe box. I was surprised. A second reason I prefer hiking shoes with more cushion is that they are usually more comfortable. These shoes provided enough support to keep my feet comfortable on long, strenuous hikes.

For those who have hiked a lot, they know that more supportive shoes are better for rugged and rockier terrain. This is what I have found so far with the Mountain Trainer Lites. These Salewas are great for those who enjoy more challenging hikes and they will fit you well.

Mountain Trainer Lite: Weather Resistance

Gore Tex is represented by the GTX in the Salewa Mountain Trainer Lite GTX. Gore is an industry standard for waterproofing. Although it has been around for some time, it has not lost its value. Gore Tex will keep liquids from getting onto your feet under normal conditions and allow evaporated moisture to escape from your feet.

A low-cut hiking shoe does not provide much protection against the elements. My GTX membrane, which is located inside the shoe, only covers about three inches. This shoe’s waterproofing will not be able to withstand water depths greater than 3 inches.

My Gore Tex hiking shoes have been waterproof and breathable, so far. If the shoes are subject to prolonged hiking in wet conditions, Gore will not work miracles. It’s still more durable and breathable than any other waterproof membrane. If I encounter any issues, I will update this post. However, I expect the Salewa Mountain Trainer Lite GTX can withstand shallow puddles as well as a few miles of wet grass or dew. The non-waterproof Salewa Mountain Trainer is also available for $20 (without the “GTX” at its end).

Mountain Trainer Lite: Traction

Hiking Feet reviews are based on my testing of hiking boots and shoes on tough trails in Pennsylvania’s “Ridges and Valleys”. These trails ascend steeply to rocky ridgelines and then descend into soggy valleys. It’s no wonder that hikers refer to Pennsylvania as “Rocksylvania” or “Where boots die!” (Bryson, “A Walk in the Woods”) I also tried the Salewa Mountain Trainer Lite GTX in Maine’s Acadia National Park on steep and slick trails.

I love the Mountain Trainer Lite’s traction. Soft Pamoca rubber outsoles offer good grip on Talus slopes and slickrock slabs. The shoe also has some depth between its lugs which allows it to dig into dirt, gravel, and mud. For added traction on steep downhills, where most serious falls occur, the sole features a prominent heel brake. This tread is versatile and good for those who enjoy harder hikes.

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