Beautiful pairs of closed-toe wedges are worth looking at

While summer may be over, warm fall days are still a good time to wear closed-toe wedge sandals or sandals . Closed-toe wedges combine the style and comfort of boots with the versatility of sandals, making them an excellent choice for your wardrobe while you still have the weather.

You can find a pair of closed-toe wedges that will go well with any of your fall outfits in a variety styles, colors and designs.

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Because they do not offer protection against the cold and the elements, open-toe wedges can only be worn in warm weather. While closed-toe wedges don’t work well in colder weather, they can be worn on mild autumn or spring days. These are more versatile as they can be worn with business attire or formal wear, depending on their style.


The wedges you choose should be comfortable for you. The size should be the same as your normal shoe size. Because some wedges are narrower or wider than standard, your shoe size might be slightly different. Wedge shoes don’t require breaking in like athletic shoes. They should fit correctly the first time they are worn. It is a good idea to measure your foot length and consult a size chart to help you decide the right size.


You will need to decide how high your heels should be. Wedge sandals typically have heels that measure 2 to 2.5 inches. However, if you want to increase your height, formal shoes can be purchased with heels that are 3 to 4 inches high.



Some wedges are distinguished by their intricate details. You can get a glamorous look with wedges that have gold- or silver-tone buckles at the ankle straps, and trim studs. You can also choose wedges that have bow-like details on either the strap or the upper. This will give you a more conservative look. Some wedges can have multiple straps.


While wedges aren’t as comfy as shoes or sneakers, they can be worn for longer periods of time. It is important to choose a pair that feels comfortable. They should have a soft footbed and a canvas upper. You should be able stand or walk for at least an hour without any discomfort.


The stability of your wedges will determine how safe and easy it is to walk around in them. Your wedges might not be stable and you may find yourself tipping or teetering as you walk. This can cause injury, such as a broken ankle.

Place the wedges on a flat surface, and tap the heel at the ankle to determine how stable they are. They should not tilt or wobble. You can still wear them but it is better to have a pair that stays in place. A chunky heel is the best option for stability if you are unsure.

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