Asics Novablast 3: Tested and proven

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  • Weight: 220g (women’s), 253g (men’s)
  • Heel-toe drop: 8mm
  • Type: Neutral cushioned, road

The shoe

Novablast 3 is already one the most talked about new launches of the year. They don’t even have a carbonplate in them. They are a basic everyday neutral trainer so they can’t live up to their hype. They can, shockingly.

The Novablast was a neutral shoe that had great bounce and lasted a long time. Although some runners found it unstable due to the wedge of cushioning, the majority of users agreed that Asics made a great running shoe. It also had a very different feel than any of their other daily shoes like the Gel Cumulus and Gel Nimbus.

However, the third Novablast is a major update to its predecessor. This is primarily because the FF Blast Foam has been replaced with FF Blast Plus in the midsole, making it lighter, bouncier, and more flexible. What is the result? The result? A super comfortable running shoe that is light and well cushioned, but also has great energy return. The shoe’s hype is justified, at least according to runners.


Stephen Mangan x London Marathon | RW Podcast

 RW Podcast


In what conditions does the Novablast 3 run?

The Novablast 3 has the comfortable-straight-out-of-the-box feel every runner wants. The Novablast 3’s soft knit upper has been redesigned and is more comfortable than the older Asics trainers.

Novablasts are bouncy even when you stand in them. The Novablast’s cushioning is evident. However, it doesn’t feel too soft or squishy from the start. This shoe is versatile enough to be worn for long and easy runs as well as those that require a higher pace. The shoe is so responsive and easy to run in, that I found myself running faster than I planned during testing. Although it isn’t a speed shoe or race shoe, nor does it claim to be, the shoe’s energy return makes it an excellent shoe for something faster like a Tempo or progression run. This shoe is versatile.

Where does the Novablast 3 fit in?

The Novablast 3 is true to size. Although the toe box is a little larger than average, it still falls within the normal range. The knit upper is extremely comfortable. It may be a bit snugger than the previous versions, but it’s not too restrictive.

Novablast 3 has a great heel pad, especially considering how light it is. A large wedge of cushioning is standard in the latest generation of running shoes. Some shoes can cause instability issues on uneven terrain or when there are sudden changes in direction or turns. Novablast 3 has a very well-fitting upper and heel that counters any instability. They felt secure no matter how they ran or diddging and weaving during busy days on the roads.

What is the Novablast 3 like the Novablast 2 and

The midsole foam is the most important update to the Novablast. It is now the FF Blast Plus foam of higher spec, which was specifically created to provide a “bouncy running experience”. By 22g, the Novablast 3 is lighter than its predecessor.

The “Notch Tongue Construction” has been redesigned. It is extremely thin and has a bifurcated wings shape. This initially caused me to wonder if the tongue would move a lot when running. But it was not. ASICS claims that the new construction allows for the tongue to be cradled by the foot, reducing pressure points. This is, in essence, the best feature of a running shoe. It means that you won’t notice anything during your run. The shoe is lighter than the Novablast 2 because it doesn’t have tongue padding.

How do they compare with other brands’ shoes?

It is always helpful to compare shoes of other brands that serve a similar purpose. They may not feel the same running, but they are comparable to other everyday shoes like the Nike Pegasus or the Saucony Enorphin Speed (though this latter has a plastic plate). They are an all-purpose, wear-anytime shoe that is also very versatile.

RW verdict

Novablast 3 quickly became my favorite daily running shoe. They are the shoes you would take on vacation if you only have one pair. They are my go-to shoes when I need to be able to run fast and with cushioning. They are great value for money, although there are cheaper options on the market. They feel great and have lasted me over 150 miles. If you are looking for an all-round running shoe with great cushioning, zip, and neutral gait, then look no further.

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