When should you replace your running shoes?

happy runs, as well as the tough ones. Your shoes will eventually reach their end, and it is crucial to know when to put them aside and get a new pair.

Your running shoes should be replaced every 300-500 miles. This is because the cushioning in your running shoes’ midsoles will begin to lose resilience and stop absorbing shock. This can have a greater impact on your joints and muscles. If you run 15 miles per week, you will need to replace your shoes every five to eight month. If you keep track of your runs using a GPS watch or smartphone, you can easily determine when you are in the 300-500 mile range. Otherwise, you can use an average weekly run to estimate.

There are other factors that can affect when you should replace your running shoes.

  • Shoes that are minimalist have less cushioning and should be worn for around 300 miles.
  • Running shoes with maximum cushioning and traditional running shoes will last for around 500 miles.
  • No matter what shoe type, heavier people will go farther than lighter ones.
  • You can also count your casual running miles.
  • It’s not a big deal to get dirt on your shoes, but it is a sign that your shoes are wearing out. Pay attention to heel damage, worn soles, rips and tears.
  • You may need a new pair if you feel any discomfort in your feet, legs or hips after running. You may also notice hot spots or blisters.

Tips to extend the life of your running shoes

These tips will help you keep your shoes looking great for as long time as possible.

  • Alternate between two pairs of shoes: Your body will adapt to subtle differences in shoe design and you’ll reap the benefits. Rotating shoes gives the midsoles and entire shoe time for drying.
  • Take your shoes off properly. Use the other foot to gently rake the heel of the shoe. This is not good form. Instead, unlace the shoes and take off your hands. Your shoes will last longer thanks to you.
  • Only wear running shoes: While wearing running shoes around your house or town may make you feel more confident and comfortable, it can also cause your shoes to become too worn down. They were made to run, not run errands.

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