2022 The best walking shoes for women

You may wear running shoes to walk, but they aren’t the best option. There are many reasons for this.

There is a gap between the design of running shoes and walking mechanics. Walking is slower than running. This means that the outsole design must be continuous to support the weight load process.

Shoes for running are not made this way. Although some models now have the midfoot area to facilitate a smoother loading experience for runners, it will be a while before most running sneakers evolve.

Athletic shoes that are designed for walking with a full-contact outsole perform better in slowing down weight transfer.

However, restricting your choices to only sports shoes will result in limited options. Walking is not just a physical activity, it’s also a form of exercise.

What are you going do with your casual and formal options? Walking to downtown work is a lot of walking. You also have to look good.

You may need a lightweight shoe to walk in on your travels. You might be heading to a forest park for a short hike or trail walk. You will need a different type of walking shoe for this purpose -preferably waterproof.

Walking shoes must meet the same criteria as running shoes. We don’t want to group all walking shoes into one category. This is why we have structured the buyer’s guide around use-cases.

We have everything you need, from corporate-approved ballet flats to tough waterproof shoes for light hiking,

Casual walking shoes

These walking shoes are great for casual Fridays, urban walks, travel and casual Fridays.

1) AllBirds Women’s Tree Runners

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The Allbirds Tree Runner is the perfect walking shoe if you don’t mind covering your feet with synthetic or leather.

The upper is made from fibers derived directly from Eucalyptus trees. It is lined with Merino Wool for interior comfort. The EVA unisole and foam insole provide ample cushioning while walking.

2) Ecco Women’s Aquet Lace Sneaker

The Ecco Acquet Lace’s premium Nappa leather interior is comfortable and supportive. It fits perfectly to your size.

Foam insole offers sufficient support under the arch and is lined with soft leather for a comfortable interior. Long urban walks are made easy by the comfortable, cushioned, and stable Polyurethane insole.

3) Women’s Keen Sinna MJ Canvas

This is Keen’s take on the Mary Jane silhouette. The Keen toe-bumper is instantly recognisable on the upper. It blends seamlessly with the Canvas upper.

The MJ silhouette is easy to slip on and take off, while the elastic strap holds the foot in place. Standard features include an anti-odor treatment and a removable sole.

4) Women’s Keen Presidio

Presidio, a bulky-looking model that emphasizes function over form, is unapologetic. Protective features include the all-leather upper and Keen toe cap. The insides are made more comfortable by a suede leather lined.

Although the contoured stockinsole is extremely comfortable, it can be easily replaced with an aftermarket one. EVA midsole allows for easy walking on the feet. The flat, grippy outsole encourages weight loss.

5) Merrell Bondi Stretch AC

The knit upper is slipper-like and can be adjusted to fit different foot shapes. This allows for foot swelling after long walks.

The EVA foam midsole is thick and impact-absorbing. It is covered by a full-contact rubber sole with great traction.


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