Guide to buying BEST SHOE HORNS

he shoe horn can be used to quickly get your feet in your shoes. It can also help prevent back strain and maintain your shoes in great condition. This tool has not changed much since  

its inception hundreds of years ago, and it is still very useful today.

Some shoe horns can be easily slipped into a briefcase or bag, while others are long enough to allow you to walk straight and slip your shoes on. You can find shoe horns made of plastic, wood, metal and polished horn. You might be looking for something simple, inexpensive, or a stylish way to display your shoes. A shoe horn can be a useful tool for anyone, whether you are an elderly person looking for an easier way to put your shoes on or just want to protect your dress shoes.

A shoe horn’s smooth surface allows your heel to slide in place because it is less resistant than your shoes’ leather or fabric.


A shoe horn is a concave, hard, smooth piece of material with a narrow handle at one end and a wider spoon at the other. Your heel will slide into the horn by placing the round end of the horn in your shoe. This protects the counter, the thick piece of material at the heel that keeps the cuff in place. It also makes it easier to slip into the shoe.

Since the fifteenth century, shoe horns have been in existence. They were made from real horn originally.

Although there are many choices today for polished horn, it is possible to find a plastic shoehorn that works just as well at a very low price. A wood or polished-horn shoe horn might be the right choice for you if you are looking for something unique to complement your wardrobe.

A long shoe horn is a great option for anyone with back or knee problems. It can reduce the need to bend down or kneel when putting on shoes. These horns are also useful for pregnant women. A shoe horn can be a valuable tool to protect your high-end shoes.

There are shoe horns for every budget and every need. It is unlikely that a shoehorn will ever break in your lifetime.

Shoe horns can be quite durable if they are used correctly. Your shoe horn is likely to last you a lifetime. 



A shoe horn should have a sturdy, smooth, and sufficient length to suit your needs. Some can be used standing up while others can be easily carried in luggage.


What length do you require your shoe horn? A long shoe horn is best for those with back or knee problems. You may prefer a smaller shoe horn that you can carry around.

These travel shoe horns are typically between 3.5 and 4 inches in length and can be made of either plastic or metal. These should be small enough that they can fit in your bag. They are too short to wear shoes that have a shaft length of 3 inches or greater.

Standard shoe horns are 4 to 7 inches in length and can be used with a wide range of low-shaft shoes. They can be made from a variety of materials.

The long shoehorns are 7.5 to 15 inches long and can be used with shoes with longer shafts or shoes with shorter shafts. Although these shoe horns aren’t very portable, they don’t require that you kneel down.

Extra-long shoe horns are available in sizes ranging from 15 to 32 inches. They can be used standing up. They are therefore a popular choice for the elderly and those with joint problems.


Although shoe horns can be made from many different materials, all work the same. The most important thing is the design and style of the shoehorn.

Plastic is the most common choice and also the cheapest. Flexible, it can break easily, but it allows the horn to move with your heel when you step into your shoes.

Metal is the next most popular material. It has a smoother surface than plastic and won’t break or bend. Metal shoe horns might have handles made of different materials.

Wood shoe Horns are typically slightly longer than other materials and are thicker due to the wood’s brittle nature. This is a great option if you’re looking for a unique shoe horn that doesn’t contain any animal products.

A polished horn has a classic appearance and comes in many colors and sizes. Handcrafted horn may also be available. Horns are usually made from buffalo or cattle. These are more costly, but they can be great if you’re looking for a traditional shoehorn.


Shoe horns not only reduce wear but also protect your socks.



The horn is the most important component. However, it is not the only thing that is important. You should also consider the handle material and whether the horn can hang up with a loop or if it can be folded.

Handle material

The handle is usually made from the same material that the horn. Because they are thicker than metal or plastic, wooden handles can be more comfortable.

Some horns might have a different handle material. You can use materials such as leather, rubber, and silicone even in shoe horns that are inexpensive. If you have a long shoe horn, a handle can improve the comfort and grip of the horn.

Loops for hanging

You can hang a shoehorn with a string loop, leather, or plastic at the end. This allows you to display your shoehorn and makes it convenient.

Telescopic, flexible and foldable shoe horns

Shoeshorns don’t need to be made of metal or plastic. Some models can be hinged or have extended handles that make them more versatile than single-piece versions.

The shoe horns can be folded down to travel size so they can be easily tucked in a bag or briefcase. Although the folding feature can be useful from time to time it doesn’t save much space and leaves your heel with less surface to slide on.

Flexible shoe horns have a hinge near the scoop that allows you to adjust the angle. This is especially useful for longer shoe horns.

Telescopic shoehorns can be used in a variety of lengths, including extra-long or short. This allows you to use the horn even while standing or crouching.


Different shoe sizes may not require a different length shoe horn. A longer shoe horn is required for knee-high galoshes. However, it can be used for dress shoes.



Cheap: Shoes horns for $1-5 are made of plastic. They are either standard or travel size. They are small and difficult to use, but they can be broken easily.

Mid-range: The majority of shoe horns range in price from $5 to $10 . These shoe horns can be made from plastic or metal, and may come with a silicone or rubber handle. This range has a greater number of longer models.

Expensive: High-end shoe horns from $10 to 30 are made of metal, polished and wood materials. These horns are extra long and can be flexible or telescopic.


  • Although a thinner shoe horn might feel less comfortable in your hands, it can also be more convenient to use as the horn takes up less space within your shoe’s opening.
  • TSA may consider longer shoe horns made of metal or wood weapons and they should be checked in your luggage.
  • Always place the concave side against your heel.


Our top picks are our favorite shoe horns, but there are many other models that are unique. The Bamber Wood Shoe Horn, which is a longer, all-wood shoehorn, looks great when hung on the wall. The Shacke 21” Solid Metal Shoe Horn is another longer option. It features a sleek chrome design. This shoe horn has very few negative reviews. Customers praise its solid feel and heavy weight.

A long shoe horn is useful for more than just putting on your dress shoes or taller boots. It can also be used to put on ski or snowboard boots.

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