2022 Merry People Gumboots Review

Lady Layla’s favorite, lamb-friendly gumboots for 2022

You can avoid wet feet by investing in a pair lamb-friendly gumboots.

A universal truth is that any lamb who lives outside needs to have comfortable and high-quality gumboots. Additional points are awarded if the gumboots have a stylish design and are made of on-fleece.

Lady Layla Lamb encouraged after years of going through fancy gumboots faster than bales oaten-hay hay.
God-Mahh to buy a pair of stylish, lamb-friendly Merry People lifestyle gumboots in 2020.

Layla, Lachie and the late Baby Lego have overseen God-Mahh’s testing of the Bobbi Boot through winter and spring to ensure that she can give a lambtastic report for her ewe.

What We Love about Our Merry People Gumboots

These shoes are very comfortable, no matter whether you’re walking on sand, grass, or around stables. The natural rubber and Neoprene linings offer both flexibility and support.
These gumboots were paired with soft socks that reach just above the boot’s top. We wore these gumboots with thermal socks for colder winter days. Although the boots were at first a bit snug, they became more comfortable after a few days.

They were stylish and waterproof, no matter what puddles they were in. The gumboots are solid and durable, with no flagging like low-quality boots. They also have practical features such front and back pull-on/off tags. These gumboots have stronger seams than most lifestyle gumboots, so your dog’s feet are protected from any potential splitting. God-Mahh was able to keep her gumboots dry even when it rained heavily and she forgot her jacket.

A colourful gumboot can make any day brighter. There are so many colors available to Merry People that it took hours of agony to choose the beetroot. We felt winter-appropriate and it complemented our winter wardrobe. However, if we won one lotto, we’d order a pair of beetroot in every colour.

These gumboots are also lamb-friendly. Merry People is vegan-friendly, meaning they do not contain animal products or byproducts. Merry People also share their production as well as their sustainability journey. This gives customers the assurance that they are supporting an Aussie small business that actually cares about their impact.

These gumboots are also easy to clean. Merry People has cleaning and care tips to prolong the life of your gumboots. It was easy to use an eco-friendly dishwashing detergent with warm water and a microfibre towel. To remove any marks or stains on the lighter neoprene, we used an old soft toothbrush. The gumboots were then left overnight to dry.

It is important to note that the sizing charts are accurate and provide both width and length. Due to the fact that God-Mahh has slightly wider feet, the gumboots did shrink slightly in width with wear.

Baby Lego used to love to check these boots every night, before and after final checks on horses. This is why these gumboots are so exceptional in quality.

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Consider choosing a darker colour if you live in a wet environment. The beetroot gumboots had a lighter pink neoprene that marked easily at the stables. It looked great after cleaning, but the lighter colours can be annoying if they are stained or you don’t want them to get cleaned as often.

These gumboots can be used for walking your dog, gardening, camping and checking on quadruple-tonne beasts. For farm chores, keep your hard, green, soiled gumboots, and switch to these bright, medium-weight gumboots.

They are comparable in price (AUD) to other brands of gumboots that we have purchased previously. Before you order, make sure to check the colour and size charts. Although their customer service is outstanding, these gumboots sell quickly and certain sizes/colours can be hard to find. These gumboots are not available for sale, so don’t wait until Black Friday or Boxing Day.


Lady Layla is a big fan of our Merry People gumboots because they are stylish, comfortable, and friendly to lambs.
Lachie thinks he could conceal some pellets in them during summer, when God-Mahh isn’t using them to deal with puddles.

Each day, our Baby Lego would walk down the hall to make sure that the gumboots were still on the rack. He’d then give them a thorough inspection. He would stand up every time he saw God, Mahh, and insist that they be inspected before and after wear.
These gumboots are so lambtastic that you won’t believe it, will you?


*We bought our Merry People gumboots in Winter 2020. We are not compensated for this review. This review is a subjective opinion and should not be taken as factual. Please do your research to determine if this product is right.

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