2022 Canada Kamik Rain Boots – Durable, Great Traction

The 2015 Kamik rainboots are a great choice. Kamik rain boots are a great choice for 2015. They are there to help you navigate the Arctic’s harsh and remote landscapes. My family is looking forward to seeing a long line inukshuk as we travel to Manitoulin Island in Ontario, Canada in the summer. Although not quite the Arctic, it’s still far more remote than our suburban Chicago neighborhood. That’s what attracted me to Kamik and the Kamik rainboots. To me, the human-likeness of the inukshuk symbolises friendship, guidance and wanderlust. Although this is a rainboot review, I have grown to love Canada and its people. I am happy to promote Canadian companies.

The Kamik Heidi rain boot is affordable and well-made. It comes in many bright colors. My new boots were given a run-through on Halloween. You may be familiar with the Chicago area. It was just as the children were getting started that the skies opened at 3:00 pm. I put on my fleece leggings and warm socks, grabbed my Kamiks and went through the rainy streets with my son. After removing my Asics insoles, I took my Asics insoles off and placed them in my Kamiks for additional support. The Kamik Rain Boots Heidi feature removable insoles that allow you to add your orthotic or favorite insert. My feet were completely dry when I returned home.

Kamik’s synthetic rubber makes the Heidi lighter than natural rubber, and it is 30% lighter than other synthetics rubbers. It’s also flexible and durable. It was very traction-friendly on wet surfaces.

The Kamik Heidi has no liner, so I use a thicker socks to keep warm. The shaft of the Kamik Heidi is only 12 inches high, which is 3 inches below my knee. For my less-than-athletic calves, the circumference of this boot is 14 inches. This style may be too tight for larger calves. I prefer to wear my jeans with fleece leggings, as they have enough room to be tucked in.

The Kamik Heidi is recommended for those with narrow to medium-width feet and small to medium calves. For my size 9.5-10, I ordered 10 of the whole Heidi. You can find a Kamik dealer near your or order online for $50 at Amazon, free delivery and returns, and $29.99 at 6pm.com (green only), free shipping All of Kamik’s waterproof, comfortable, and colorful rain boots are available at Zappos.

Are you looking for great rain boots? These Kamik rainboots might be the right choice. Please let us know what you are looking for in rain boots in the comments section.

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