Wear taos Footwear to Make Your Feet Stand Out and Never Look Back

We dig shoes. We are very picky about what we wear on our feet. We searched the internet for a comfortable shoe made of durable, high-quality, and skilled craftsmen. Finally, we found a brand called taos.

If you went to the taos site, you would say “hey duuude’s these are women’s shoes.” You would then be directed to the pair of shoes they make for men- Starsky . We love that all the options, including boots, shoes, boots, and wool, on their website can be worn by everyone. We chose the sneaker that is “like walking on a cloud” because it was the most appropriate for the look we were going for.


The sneakers were tested by our crew from taos- Starsky, if we’re being specific. The shoe was a huge eye-candy right out of the box. The profile, build and sleekness of this shoe could be worn with almost any outfit. You can mix and match the various colors or choose the neutral that matches your outfits. Taos has the look.

It was immediately impressive to feel the shoe’s exterior, sole, inner design, and foot support. This is the construction and design that we will be testing before we move on to the actual testing.

Complete Support

Starsky features provide balance support, inner sole curves support your feet, and arch support molds to your foot for maximum comfort. The Metatarsal Support helps to reduce foot fatigue and pressure on your feet. The ultimate cushion is created by the pd design.


Shoes should feel comfortable and look great. You can feel your feet being supported by the inner sole. Your foot will be supported by the heel, arch, and metatarsal support.

Durable Soles

Your sole matters. It is the most overlooked part of a shoe. Fred Flinstoning the sole. The Starsky has a sturdy and good grip sole that keeps the tread under your toes.

This is how we tie it all together. These shoes are made using some very unique processes and materials. The materials, sustainability and design of the taos are truly unique and one-of a kind!

Impression: These Sneakers Are Made for Walking ‘….


Let’s get on with the review. Please ….

Taos Starsky Sneaker

  • Support for the Arch and Metatarsals
  • Canvas Lining
  • Footbed Lining – Canvas
  • Footbed Treatment – Antimicrobial Shield
  • Forefoot Cushioning
  • Heel Height – 1″
  • Orthotic friendly
  • Outsole – Flexible, durable rubber
  • Upper Material – Canvas

For all men who want comfort, the Starsky is here! Active footbeds will provide arch and metatarsal support for your feet. The canvas sneaker can be worn all day with the Curves & Pods(r), premium removable footbed. Starsky is available in a variety of colors and sizes. Starsky was tested by our crew for fit, feel, and overall experience.


One of our crew members immediately stole the shoes to test. They were highly sought-after sneakers, we get it. You have to look at their comments on the fit.

These shoes fit like a glove, but they are not too tight or uncomfortable. The shoe felt great around my feet and the inner sole conformed to my sole. My toes were given the right amount of space and the laces held the pressure perfectly. The shoe was perfect in tying to the right pressure and my ankles were perfectly aligned.

It seems like they enjoyed it.


The crew member shared their feelings as well. There are a lot of “feels” in that sentence.

“I have gotta feel…tonight’s going to be a good evening… It’s no joke that these shoes make it seem like I’m walking on a cloud. These shoes were my go-to for everything, whether I was walking around downtown or going to the office. The exterior feels smooth and soft.

Seems like he dug it.


The field report was generally positive. The inner sole is worth mentioning. It looks great with jeans, slacks, or even joggers. These shoes are comfortable and soft enough to be worn all day. It was the perfect look for 2021, and the shoe’s flexibility was excellent. We like it a lot.


There were some standout features that we discovered after testing the shoes, wearing them and researching the materials and standards these shoes meet.

  • We don’t often see the Starsky’s design and construction.
  • Your feet can breathe with the canvas lining.
  • Premium Polyurethane – Exceptional support with maximum shock absorbtion that returns energy to your feet with each step. So your feet don’t get tired all day
  • The Antimicrobial Shield keeps these dogs clean all day. Bye bye odor

The Starsky’s other amazing features can be viewed on the taos site!


Taos isn’t only a manufacturer of shoes, it also makes other footwear. They have developed footbeds that conform to your feet.

taos overall Duuude Impression : The most comfortable shoes we’ve ever worn!

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