Four people tried Everlane’s $75 rainboots in New York City. Two years later, they’re still with us

  • Everlane’s $75 women’s rain boots by Everlane
  • We updated our reviews after 2 years to reflect how hey’re doing.
  • We love their versatility, traction, fair price, and ease of cleaning.

Rain boots made the old-fashioned way conjure images of sopranos singing show songs and tall, oversized polka dot boots stomping through sunlight.

New York City doesn’t feel like a postwar musical when it rains. It’s Monday. You don’t feel like you have the energy to carry around two pairs of clunky rubber boots all day. This means that you don’t want to bring another pair of shoes with you to change into later. You only need one pair of shoes that effortlessly transitions from a gritty rubber rainboot to a slick Chelsea.

Everlane’s $75 rainboot is a great option for those who have a large order. It comes in four neutral colors: surplus (black, toffee and toffee), as well as whole sizes. It’s currently only available for women on the site. However, men can get their own pair by using the live chat box.

The goal of the design team was to create the most comfortable rainboot possible. A $75 rainboot has a flexible ankle height, grippy tread and a cushioned insole that provides bouncy comfort. They are easy to put on and take off with the pull tabs and stretch panels. The rubber is flexible and easy cleanable. There’s plenty of space for thick socks and rubber reinforcements at each end for added coverage.

Everlane’s new $75 rain boots were tested in New York City before their official launch two year ago. We ran to catch trains and stomped through puddles. We’ve collected our thoughts about them, along with an update on how they are holding up, below.

February 2019: My first impression. Rainboots are usually so bulky, stiff, and ugly, that I don’t wear them. I just wear Doc Martens, and avoid deep puddles. Everlane rain boots are made from soft, flexible rubber. They bend with you and feel just like shoes. The sole’s traction is excellent for slippery surfaces like subway platforms and stairs. The boots look great, and I have to say that they are very stylish. My normal boot size was 8, and the boots were slightly larger than I expected. This is because I can wear thick socks with them. You need to be careful about the puddle depth as the rise of the boot can be quite short. Otherwise, you risk getting wet feet. — Malarie Gokey, deputy editor

Two year update (March 2022).Everlane’s Rain Boot is the ideal rain boot. I have worn it almost every day that rain has been predicted. They are comfortable and water-resistant. The thick soles and grippy texture are what I love. They aren’t ideal for summer, as I must wear thick socks with them. They trap heat and make me hot, so I don’t wear them in the summer rainstorms.

My first impression (February 2022). The most striking thing about these boots was their roominess and comfort. Everlane understands thick socks are a necessity in cold and rainy conditions, so you can trust your regular size or a half-size up. Even though light-colored rain boots may seem like a bad choice when walking in dirty conditions, Everlane’s are easy to clean and the toe has a black rubber reinforcement. I was confident that they would withstand a storm, thanks to their sturdy soles and thick exterior. However, the cute color and comfort factor convinced me to wear them throughout the day. — Connie Chen, senior reporter

Two year update (March 2022). Although they are a bit heavy for me, I find these boots to be very practical. The black rubber reinforcements at my toe and pull tabs on the sides have been the best features that I’ve found as I wear them more. The boots are protected by the beautiful blush color thanks to the black rubber. I can slip them on when I have to run out of time, which is what most days feel like.

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