2022 Canada A Trusted Fashion Brand-Rooney Shop

First let’s go inside this brand

About Rooney

Rooney is a company that specializes in manufacturing and retailing fashion apparel and accessories for men and women. The company claims to have been founded in 2006, but launched its online store in 2008. According to Rooney, “Their goal is to provide customers with products they can wear every day, knowing that each product has a unique story behind it and quality manufacturing as a priority’.

Rooney’s Products and Services
Rooney offers a wide variety of fashionable designer clothing and accessories for men and women, including jackets, t-shirts, shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, knitwear, pants, denim, swimwear, footwear, scarves, wallets, handbags, shopping bags, socks, backpacks, woolen hats, gloves, woolen caps, face masks, belts, bottoms, dresses and eyewear. The company also offers free shipping on all orders over $300 throughout the United States.

Next we go into the history of rooneyshop

The Rooney Store, Montreal. Streetwear and skate culture on Notre Dame Street
Rooney’s slow fashion ethos moves away from brands known for mass-produced goods, encouraging businesses to act as educators on the practice of “pay more, spend less
The founding of the Rooney Shop in Montreal and its historical evolution
When Rooney Shop, Montreal, a concept store located on Notre-Dame Street in Paris, was founded in 2006, owner Alex Danino explains that the company has adapted itself over the course of its existence to become what it is today. Located within the confines of a 37 square meter store, the space ranges from floor to ceiling and passersby and repeat customers are drawn into the space. While adapting its internal identity over time to reflect its stylistic changes, Rooney was founded with the intention of becoming a provider of up-and-coming clothing and concept products. In doing so, the brand and business has become a staple and household name in the Montreal area.Rooney’s history as a concept store mirrors Danino’s evolution as a business owner and supplier of emerging fashion and concept-related merchandise.Danino says his passion for fashion dates back to his childhood. Danino’s interest in the field reached a nurturing state when he completed his high school education and was mentored in a sample store: “My fashion background goes back to my teenage years when I started assisting the Diesel brand in their sample store.” During his higher education, Danino worked part-time at Holt Renfrew, a department store known for selling designer goods. “While I was here, I worked under Gucci, assisting with sales and retail-related matters for the brand.”

After graduating from college and working as a sales associate, Danino began working in several positions in fashion retail and marketing. He went on to work in the showroom of a brand that sold its collections to buyers in Montreal department stores. Danino then worked for a women’s clothing manufacturer, which gave him an in-depth knowledge of fashion retailers in North America. “This year, I am forty-three years old. For more than twenty years, I have held a series of positions in the fashion industry. Over time, those experiences I gained are reflected in Rooney’s veins and what is going on today.” Although he did not receive a fashion-centric education from his family as a child, Danino’s intention and career goal was to form an identity in the fashion industry that he has deliberately built over the years. Through the use of fabric, color and design, fashion and the ability to design merchandise to become the voice of art is exhilarating, and Rooney’s owner says the language of visual design is the key fascinating element of the fashion world that keeps him fascinated while working. As a result, Rooney’s internal identity shift has been accompanied by Danino’s interest over the years. “At Rooney, there is a desire to meet the voice of the creative elements popular in the fashion world”. Over time, the introduction of many brands unfamiliar to the area has allowed Danino and Rooney to reflect the growth the owners are trying to achieve.

Rooney Shop, Montreal: its presence and meaning
The history of the Rooney Shop in Montreal, which got its name as a concept store, stems from a passion for emerging design and from a work trip Danino took to New York City. While on an adventure as a fashion buyer in 2005, the owner stumbled upon a barbershop called “Rooney’s”. Danino spent a lot of time working on a name for the store and went back to his peers in terms of brand identity, thinking that “Rooney’s” was a brand that would resonate with the many businesses in his neighborhood. “The name stands out – in the sense that it’s not associated with a person or gender. After discussing this with my peers, I set out to build my concept store with that name.” Living in Quebec, where French is the predominant language, Danino believes that the French language and its pervasive heritage in the region is protected. As a French-Canadian, he shares that his decision to name the store “Rooney” was also independent of the local culture – providing the concept store with an opportunity to stand out. Danino, who grew up in Montreal, said that locating Rooney’s in the area was not an option he spent some time considering. His familiarity with the local environment and his understanding of Montreal’s multicultural melting pot gave Danino the opportunity to build rapport among local fashion connoisseurs for Rooney and himself. Creating Rooney with the idea of avoiding the kitsch and obvious trends and brands of the 2000s, Danino chose to implement brands that were not native to the Montreal fashion scene at the time. “When it comes to carrying a brand for Rooney, I see myself as a guide – carrying merchandise and clothing that I love”.

Located in downtown Montreal, an area protected for its culture, Danino says the area is not the same as it was when Rooney started business. The owners say the area has not provided a sense of community, although it has been a tourist attraction for many years. With a lack of living space and social places like restaurants and stores and the like, Rooney was the first of its kind to put down roots in the area. Over time, apartments were built in the area, followed by a consolidation of cafes, supermarkets and restaurants that provided diversity to the area – as opposed to the historic attractions that served as tourist hangouts. “The aesthetic of the area today resembles that of Soho in New York, lacking the commercialization of well-known brands or stores. City codes favor self-sufficient businesses like Rooney’s, where we have the opportunity to thrive.” Rooney resides within the confines of a space once used by an antique store, where he uses vintage items to reassemble furniture items, some of which are still in use in the space. danino separates the men’s and women’s clothing on either side of the store, explaining that he Since then he has adopted a Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic in the store’s design.



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