The 3 Best HI-TEC Hiking Boots to Buy in 2022

When you’re out hiking, the quality of your boots is a major factor in determining how it goes. Quality boots that are comfortable and effectively waterproof can lead to a safe and fun trip. Cheap boots or boots from faulty manufacturers can lead to blistering and unpleasant hiking trips. Since 1974, Hi-Tec has been making great boots based on its motto of “comfort anywhere”. Today, we are reviewing Hi-Tec hiking boots to help you find the best boots for your situation.

Hi-Tec Hiking Boots Reviews

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Hi-Tec is one of the world’s most famous hiking boot manufacturers. They have been creating innovative and reliable products for decades, and continue to offer great value for their pricing.

Picking the best Hi-Tec boots really depends on where and when you are hiking. We’ve gathered a wide range of boots covering a range of intended uses and price points to help you make your decision.

Wild-Fire Gamekeeper Waterproof Walking Boots

The Wild-Fire Gamekeeper boots are serious boots for hiking. They are made with a soft and durable suede upper and MDT rubber outsole.

They include a Dri-Tec membrane for waterproofing and an XLR8 midsole for weight savings. This allows them to withstand tough hikes in wet conditions.

One of their added comfort features is the Ortholite impression insole. It contains slow-recovery memory foam that provides superior cushioning and makes your feet feel more comfortable.

If you’re looking for backpacking style boots with full ankle support, the Wild-Fire Gamekeeper Boots are a great choice.

Skamania Waterproof Hiking Boots for Men and Women


Skamania is a mid-sized hiking boot for both men and women. They have lower ankle coverage for greater comfort and lighter weight for shorter hikes.

They are made from a combination of leather and fabric panels and feature a grippy MD-Traction pattern on the outsole for maximum stability. They are fully waterproof and include a cushioned DTA midsole for added comfort and reduced weight.


Skamania mid-top hiking boots are not as sturdy as larger backpacking boots. If you’re planning a weekend hike or going on a day hike, they’re a great way to lose weight while still benefiting from excellent comfort and grip.

Storm Waterproof Men’s Light Hiking Boots


The Storm hiking boot is a lightweight men’s day boot designed for rugged terrain. They use a Michelin rubber outsole with aggressive MD-Traction grip.

They are fully waterproof with a Dri-Tec membrane and incorporate Hi-Tec’s ultra-comfortable DTA midsole. This helps reduce their weight and improves impact cushioning.

The upper part of the boot is made of suede with fabric breathable panels. This gives them excellent durability and outstanding breathability.


Hi-Tec Storm hiking boots are excellent full coverage daytime boots. They are lighter than some of Hi-Tec’s larger backpacking boots, but offer extra ankle support than mid-boots.

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